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Why Curious Me?

Quite simply, we are passionate about play and play based learning. Our programs are carefully and creatively constructed, designed to extend on your child's interests. We are adaptive and offer open ended experiences. Most importantly, we strongly believe that early education matters! As parents, guardians and caregivers we are our children’s most important teacher, Curious Me offers a place where you can spend quality, uninterrupted time together.
We Are Passionate

We Are Passionate

Play is the best way to learn! We want to help you and your children harness the benefits of early education and play based learning.

We Are Positive

We Are Positive

We pride ourselves in creating a diverse, safe and positive environment. Open your mind and heart, take time to get involved and you will have just as much fun as your kids!

We Are Parents

We Are Parents

We are busy mums and dads, just like you! Parenting is forever shifting shapes, it comes with many momentous occasions, milestones and is not without challenges. We get it.

Our “Seven Senses” Program

Can you name our sevens senses? Do you know how to age appropriately stimulate them during critical stages of your child’s growth and development? Your child’s senses provide an extensive range of learning opportunities and we are here to help! Curious Me offer a bespoke “Seven Senses” program to aid in this journey.

During the first 5 years of life, you are your child’s most important and valuable teacher. Unstructured play and hands on experience provide children with the opportunity to extend on their language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, social interaction and so much more!

What do you get?

  • 10 week program, weekly class run by an appropriately qualified early childhood educator.
  • Access to a wide and ever growing range of open ended and educational based resources.
  • Unstructured play, designed to encourage and age appropriately simulate curious little explorers.
  • A variety of invitations to play; including dry sensory, loose part, small world, messy and nature play based stations.
  • The opportunity to explore, get messy and muddy without having to clean up!

We care about our children and their families. We provide the opportunity to spend uninterrupted and quality time with your little ones. We pride ourselves on creating a safe haven for children and parents alike, where you can feel free from the judgement and pressures of parenting.

While we can’t guarantee it, based on personal experience, a really great nap time after class!

What can you expect

  • Themed class each week
  • Process Art
  • Movement to music and physical activity
  • Variety of invitations to play; sensory, messy and nature stations
  • Structured and unstructured play

At Curious Me we understand and value your child, their individual interests and unique ways of learning. We encourage their instinctual inquisitive natures by providing a safe place. We empower them to take acceptable risks and trust their bodily awareness. This often means getting wet, dirty, covered in paint, muddy and messy!

Let your little ones explore their natural curiosity with Curious Me.

A copy of our current timetable can be found here.



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What our Curious Crew have to say about attending Curious Me's Seven Senses Program.
Tamara Davies

Tamara Davies

I highly recommend outdoor play and curious me does exactly that. Its laid back and chilled and let's the kids learn at their own pace. My son loved it and without a doubt was the messiest kid to leave our sessions so he definitely enjoyed messy play. Loved it and will be back.

Terese Tobin

Terese Tobin

The team at Curious Me are passionate about providing an amazing environment for kids of all ages to play and learn. It's not just an outdoor play area, it's so much more than that with careful thought put into each session and activities. My daughter started going when she was 7 months old and there were plenty of options for her along with the older babies. My daughter has an absolute ball each week at Curious Me. Highly recommend their program!

Fathima Adat

Fathima Adat

Curious Me allows my daughter to play in a safe space. She was able to take risks, explore open ended play through a variety of opportunities. She was also able to connect with nature and we met many incredible mums and dads. The best thing my daughter enjoyed was the freedom to get messy and that is why she has named it "The Muddy Place". We will definitely be back for Term 4!


Term 2 | Tuesday 23rd April to Friday 28th June, 2019 | 10 weeks

Tuesday Messy Makers

Messy Makers

2 yrs – 8 yrs

10:15am – 11:15am

Wednesday Babe


6 mth – 2 yrs

09:00am – 10:00am

Tuesday Tots

Toddler class

6 mth – 3 yrs

09:00am – 10:00am


Additional child

0 – 6 months free

Any class

Wednesday Mixed

Wednesday Mixed

6 mth  – 5 yrs

10:15am – 11:45am

*1.5 hour session*

Friday Mixed

Friday Mixed

6 mth  – 5 yrs

9:30am – 11:00am

*1.5 hour session*

Meet Our Team

They say sisters are like different flowers from the same garden, that could not be more true for sister duo Kaycee and Angie.
Kaycee Larney

Kaycee Larney

Co-Founder & Educator

For almost 15 years Kaycee has worked as a Childcare Educator, her enthusiasm for learning, development and play has only continued to grow with her family. She fundamentally believes in play-based education, which is reflected in her programming. Kaycee delivers bespoke experiences for children of all ages, designed to encapsulate core benefits delivered from messy and nature play.

Kaycee loves being a mum, it is her greatest accomplishment in life – but it hasn’t come without heartache or of course, bloody hard work! Mum to three – Preteen, Lola. Angel Baby, Louie and Rainbow Baby, Macie. Her gentle and kind nature creates an atmosphere where families feel comfortable, safe and free from judgement.

Angie Casella

Angie Casella

Co-Founder & Administrator

Angie is a mum of one, to a little man affectionately known as her "wee terror". Atticus has become the light of her life and greatest gift. A self-confessed over-sharing advocate on all things parenthood, Angie has found an uncanny sense of humour throughout this new journey.

Previously seen as over worked, stressed and stretching herself too thin, Angie has truly embraced motherhood and has settled into her new role nicely – being employed by her tiny human, Atticus. Although she has been known to say he is the most demanding boss to date

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