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Frequently Asked Questions

Seven Senses Program

We recommend wearing clothes suitable for the weather and outdoor play. If you don’t want it to get dirty or stained, we really suggest it stays at home! Some weeks the children get very messy, others not so much. It really depends on individual interests. But best not to bring your best whites…

That’s a great question! It depends on your child and the class they are attending. But in general, a spare change of clothes, towel, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, etc. If it’s raining, umbrella’s, raincoats and gumboots do not go astray. Finally, you are always welcome to stop and eat. So do not hesitate to bring snacks or a packed lunch. We have plenty of space and often enjoy meals together.

We join the ducks and play in the rain! Curious Me operate in all kinds of safe weather conditions, including rain. We understand some of our families travel quite a distance, safety always comes first! If you don’t feel comfortable driving the distance, just get in contact and we will arrange something suitable. 

No, we are not. If you have a child with an allergy, please get in contact and let’s have a chat. We will always do our best to accommodate children and their specific needs. However, we do play with a lot of food based products.

Yes! Of course you can. Have I told you we are mums and dads too? Sometimes other commitments get in the way, that’s okay. We offer two makeup sessions throughout the term. We just ask to be told ahead of time. You have two options, you can just for a double session or attend any other class during the week.

We would love to chat with you, because we would genuinely love to help! We have had many children with different needs enter our space. Countless occupational therapists, play therapist, teachers, special needs teachers, early educators and other disciplines have praised our work. But please know, this is not our specialty or area of expertise. That being said, we pride ourselves on providing a safe place for parents and their children. We do our best to accomodate for every child, because every child deserves to play!

Of course. For various reasons you may want to trial our program before committing. Please contact our page and have a chat regarding your personal circumstances. We will arrange a time suitable to your family and obligation free trial.

We are located on a quiet semi-rural street, with copious amounts of street parking available. Please park on either side of the road and enter via the gate.

Address: 37-51 Pineview Road, Logan Village Qld 4207 

Enrolments open to the public in Week 7 of each Term. Keep an eye on social media to stay up to date with the latest information.

We take enrolments all throughout the term, provided their is space available.

For term enrolment we have several options available, including online checkout, onsite square pay and invoicing (with 30 days to make payment). Trust me when we say “we get it”. If you want to join, but the dollars are holding you back please never hesitate to discuss your personal circumstances with us. We can probably reach an arrangement that works for everyone. We don’t want your child to miss out.

No sorry, we do not offer casual sessions. However, we do our best to make things work for each family. In special circumstances, we will issue a “5 Class Pass”. This is where you pre-pay for 5 classes + admin fee. You are welcome to attend any 5 session throughout the term, or purchase a second block. Let’s have a chat and try to work something out.

Special Events

What you should bring to special events may vary slightly depending on the type or workshop. In general, wear clothing suitable for outdoor play and the weather. Bring a water bottle, hat, sunscreen, etc. You are always welcome to eat, so feel free to enjoy snacks or a packed lunch under the shade of our beautiful gum trees.

If you are attending a Messy Play event, please remember to bring an extra pair of clothes and towel! These tend to get super messy and not many children ever go home in the same things they wore. We also recommend children coming along in their swimmers. They are practical, sun safe, suitable to get wet and easy to hose off!

Please NO CASH. Payment can be made via our website or square pay.

Yes – You need to book. All of our classes and events have limited spaces. This is so all children can enjoy the experiences provided without being over crowded. 

Keep a close eye on our social media pages for special events. On most occasions, we run a couple throughout the school holidays and randomly host Saturday events during the term.

Yes! Please do. We have several options for private events and have catered for play parties, vacation care and disability services. We can come to you, or you can come to us. Get in touch with your requirements and we will explore options further. Have a restricted budget? That’s fine! We are sure that we can find something to accommodate and still exceed your expectations.


We are a home based, family owned and operated business located on the outskirts of Logan City.

37-51 Pineview Road, Logan Village QLD 4207.

Nope. You cannot leave your children. We are not a child care or family day care facility. Rather, we are considered children entertainment services. While attending Curious Me, your children remain in your care and are your responsibility.

Well that depends on who you are asking about?

Miss Kaycee, Co-Founder and Educator, holds her Diploma in early education, along with a current blue card and has completed forest learning with Nature Play Qld. Kaycee brings more than a decade of hands on experience in long daycare to the team. 

Angie, however, has no prior background in early childhood learning. She holds a diploma in Business Administration and have completed several years of study in a Bachelor of Law / Business. She drives the business from behind the scenes and comes along to play!

Absolutely. If you would like a copy of our certificate of currency, please just ask.

Yes of course, in fact we love it when you share and tag on social media. However, we ask that you are mindful of other parents and their children. Please only feature your child’s face (or those that have expressly consented).

Nope, you will not receive any child care subsidy. We are not a child care or family day care facility. Instead, we are classified as a ‘child’s entertainment service’.