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How a child’s curiosity started Curious Me

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Atticus and I, foraging.

Thank you for joining Curious Me on what has been such a journey and welcome to our Blog! Can I tell you that this is the first of many exciting things to come to Curious Me in 2019? For those that have supported us since the start, you will already know much about Kaycee and I. For those that are just joining us, I wanted you to learn some things about the ladies behind this brand.

Starting with myself – my name is Angie, I am a stay at home mum of one to a busy little boy. Unlike many of the pages I follow, the pins I save or countless friends within my circle, I am, dare I say it, “just” a mum. I do not have any tertiary qualification and I certainly do not claim to be an expert in the ways of parenting or early education. I am stumbling along this road, just like you. But, I am a researcher and I am a reader. I like to understand how and why things work. So yes, that included my sons developmental milestones, along with how he would best absorb new information. Before becoming a mum, work and career were very much my focus. I pulled long hours, often took work home and was forever attached to my emails. I was successful in my endeavours, equally stressed and miserable. Even so, I could have never imagined that I would not go back after my maternity leave finished.

Miss Kaycee with my son, Atticus.

With being just a mum, I must admit do struggle, I miss work life and my colleagues, sometimes I find it really difficult to know who I am or my identity. The mental stimulation, the deadlines and the challenges. But I am immersed in an amazing network of like-minded people, who believe in the foundations of learning through play. This doesn’t just include mums and dads, but countless other (above mentioned) friends who have yet to start their own families. Early educators, teachers, special education teachers, occupational therapist, nurses, etc. My sister, best friend and now business partner, Kaycee, is one of said early educators (with over a decade experience). She often spoke of things I never cared to understand before having a child of my own, I totally get it now! I mean, what even is loose parts play and why did we have to build a mud kitchen?  Perhaps more of this to come.

Now? I am still just a mum, but I am a passionate ‘learn through play’ advocate with a side hustle. Trying to help educate other parents, the ones just like me. The ones who do not understand the importance of unstructured, outdoor play and play based learning. The ones who might be a little frightened of mess, dirt and mud. Or the ones that shriek when their little ones put something undesirable in their mouths.

My niece, Macie. Enjoying some “worms in mud”.

Play is considered the most important part of our day. When the house is a mess, the laundry is strewed across the floor and the chores pile up, I remind myself that time spent with my son is never time wasted, but an investment in his future. Sorry dear husband! Terrible housewife award goes to me… So how did it start? The place we were attending sensory play was selling their resources, closing class and focusing on their shop Growing Kind. An amazing opportunity presented itself to purchase, so I (forcefully) roped my dear sister into starting this little business with me. We bounced around countless names, brainstorming for several days. But after taking inspiration from one curious little boy, ta da! You guessed it, Curious Me was born.

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